Lotto love: Husband’s phone peek uncovers wife’s secret fortune

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A shocking revelation came to a husband while checking a text message on his wife’s phone, uncovering a decade-old secret that his wife had won the lottery and amassed a substantial fortune.

At times, not all aspects of a relationship between a husband and wife can be shared due to various reasons. Some people choose to keep secrets to themselves. One such intriguing story, which has drawn significant attention on the American web board Reddit, involves an American woman who concealed a secret from her husband and every member of her family, concerning a lottery win nearly ten years ago. Believing that lottery winners who make their fortune public can often meet with unfortunate consequences, she hoped to keep her winnings a secret.

In August 2014, just two months before her wedding, she discovered that she had won a lottery prize worth a staggering US$480,000 (16.8 million baht). The enormous sum of money and the ensuing elation left her somewhat bewildered. She admitted that she didn’t want this amount of money to drastically change her life. Moreover, her fiancé was a spendthrift, often squandering money on non-essentials. This was the reason she decided to keep her lottery win a secret from everyone, including her soon-to-be husband.

“I wasn’t married yet, I was single at the time, so I didn’t feel I owed anyone this information.”

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The woman had some financial matters to settle. Instead of going on lavish trips or buying expensive brand-name products, she decided to open a separate bank account and hired a personal financial advisor. This individual helped her learn how to invest in real estate and stocks.

Fast forward nine years and her wealth did not diminish but grew. Her life with her husband continued smoothly, with him completely unaware of his wife’s secret fortune. That was until one day.

The secret was revealed through a text message.

One day, while the woman was cooking dinner in the kitchen, her mobile phone rang. Unable to answer, her husband checked her phone on her behalf, unexpectedly reading a message from the financial advisor.

The content of the message indicated that the stocks she bought had surged in value, pushing her assets to US$1 million (35 million baht) in her account.

Shocked to learn that his wife was actually wealthy, the husband questioned why he had been kept in the dark about the lottery win.

Immediately after learning the shocking news, the husband hurried to question his wife.

“Do we really have US$1 million?”

Seeing her secret laid bare, the woman had to confess everything to her husband.

It certainly wasn’t easy for the husband to accept the truth that his wife had won a substantial lottery prize and had been secretly investing for almost a decade. This led to a cold war between the couple for several days.

However, after careful consideration, the husband understood his wife’s mindset. He admitted that he was a spendthrift and if he had known about the money from the start, it might not have grown as it had.

Finally, the couple made up. The husband didn’t want to be overly involved with his wife’s money, as he didn’t want it to affect their relationship.

After the story was shared, it quickly became a hot topic and widely discussed by netizens. Most netizens were astounded at the woman’s ability to keep such a secret for almost a decade.

“I don’t know how you could keep it a secret for so long.”

“Wasn’t it revealed when you paid taxes?”

While other netizens felt the financial advisor was careless in disclosing significant information via text.

“Your financial advisor should have called you directly, or left a message for you to call back.”

“What would have happened if someone other than your husband read the message?”

In reality, cases of lottery winners hiding their wins from family members are not unusual. Behind such secrets, lottery winners often have their own goals, as it’s clear that the prize money is theirs, and they have the right to decide how to manage it, reported Sanook.

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