Pickup truck crashes into house in northeast Thailand, injuring elderly man

Elderly man was injured when pickup truck crashed into his house, photo by Sanook.

A dramatic incident occurred when a speeding pickup truck crashed into a house in the Nang Rong district of northeast Thailand’s Buriram province, leaving an elderly man injured and causing serious damage. The homeowner, 75 year old Sompon Wisetsri, was watching television when the truck smashed through the walls of his house.

At around 7pm last night, deputy investigator Vivat Naamasa from Nang Rong police station was notified of the accident. Upon arrival at the scene, he found a 37 year old woman named Jintana Chomphunuch in a state of shock, although not injured. She was the driver of the Isuzu Hi-Lander truck that had crashed into the house.

Sompon, the owner of the house, was not as fortunate as his wall and home appliances, including a television and fan, were destroyed in the incident. Even a figurine of a Buddha statue was found broken, Sanook reported. Sompon suffered a head injury and a torn ear, which needed immediate medical attention. Bystanders offered moral support and assistance to the elderly man by tying a sainji around him. He was then transported to the hospital for further examination.

According to Sompon, five people were living in his house. He had a dream the night before the accident when a friend asked him to attend a celebration. In his dream, he decided to drink alcohol before attending and became intoxicated, forgetting to participate in the friend’s event. He mused about whether this dream was an omen of the forthcoming accident, while also expressing gratitude for not being injured more severely.

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Jintana, the truck owner, recounted her version of events. She was returning home from a market with three passengers, including a three year old child, when a dog suddenly darted in front of her vehicle. She panicked and pressed the accelerator pedal instead of the brake, causing her vehicle to slam with full force into the home.

Luckily, no severe injuries were sustained by the occupants in the car. Jintana commented that the insurance company had assessed the damages and was prepared to handle the compensation for the injured homeowner and the damaged property.

Authorities have documented the scene by taking photographs and interviewing witnesses. As they wait for Sompon’s condition to improve, further investigation and questioning will continue.

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