20-year Taiwanese fraud case resurfaces in Thailand as suspect couple arrested

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A high-profile fraud case from Taiwan was reignited in Thailand after the main culprits were arrested. The couple, alleged to have escaped from Taiwan over 20 years ago, were found operating fraudulent activities under new identities. The scandal originally unfolded in early 2000, resulting in a loss of approximately 4 billion baht for over 4,000 investors.

The investigation into the infamous Taiwanese couple began with operational orders from high-ranking officials in the National Police Office. Led by General Damarongsak Kittiprapas and Roy Ingkhirojanakam, international criminals residing in Thailand and conducting illegal businesses became the predominant focus. This also extended to foreigners exhibiting suspicious behaviour while residing in Thailand. These illegal operations harm the peace, security, lives, and property of people, deteriorating the country’s reputation. International criminal gangs hiding in Thailand often use the country as a base for committing crimes.

Under the guidance of officers General Pakapong Ghijapan, Lieutenant General Phanthana Nuchnarod, and Lieutenant General Piyathat Totosakulwong, the fraudsters were arrested. Lieutenant Colonel Pasuk Rattanapornada noticed the couple’s unusual activities. The husband, 64 year old ‘Golden,’ and his wife, 57 year old Muiky, with their gang of more than 10 people, had been indulging in fraud and escaping overseas for over 20 years.

Moving forward, it was discovered that the couple, originally of Taiwanese nationality, had been hiding in Thailand. They had travelled to Belize, where they acquired nationality and travel documents, changing their names and surnames to make it challenging to detect their identities and avoid tracking by officials.

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The couple then entered Thailand on July 18, 2018, using documents from Belize. However, Immigration Police were notified about the couple by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. The couple was eventually captured at a luxury condominium in Bangkok’s Bangna district, KhaoSod reported. This concluded their crime spree after 20 years.

The roots of the fraud trace back to 2000 when the couple and their gang established an investment company called ‘Richmond,’ under the guise of being a subsidiary of Richmond Bank under the Geneva Europe Corporation. Over 4,000 people were swindled, causing losses of around 4 billion baht when it collapsed.

The operation culminated in the arrest of 861 foreigners overstaying their visas and 764 foreigners hiding in the kingdom illegally. A continual mission, Thai immigration officers remain vigilant towards locals and foreigners conducting unlawful activities causing harm to Thai citizens’ peace, well-being, and prosperity.

Thai authorities appreciate any information from the public about any suspicious activities, encouraging contact through the Immigration Office or contact number 1178.

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