Teen girl found drowned in Pak Pha Ying Canal after distressing messages

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The body of a 15 year old girl was discovered drowned in the Pak Phing Canal after a two-day search by authorities. The girl, identified as Neem, had been missing since the evening of January 16.

The teenager had previously sent distressing audio and video messages to a friend at 1am on January 16 before her disappearance. Neem, who was reportedly suffering from depression, was last seen heading towards the Pak Phing Bridge.

The teen’s body was found in the canal without any signs of physical harm, dressed in a purple and white sports shirt and white shorts. The initial investigation suggested personal distress might have led to her tragic end.

Neem’s family had reported her missing when her whereabouts and phone signal were lost after her last sighting near the Pak Pha Ying Bridge. The search operation, involving charity foundation Pracha Ruamjai, local rescue teams, Pak Poon Municipality, Tha Sala rescue team, and Tai Tektung Foundation, lasted two days before her lifeless body was found in the canal, reported KhaoSod.

Neem’s depression was revealed during the investigation. On the evening of January 16, the distressed teen shared an audio clip expressing sorrow with one friend and a video call with another. The events that followed these interactions led to her disappearance and subsequent discovery in the Pak Pha Ying Canal.

The cause of her death remains uncertain but initial assumptions suggest personal stress may have played a part. The police will continue to question her relatives to gain a clearer understanding of her demise for further legal proceedings.

In related news, a body was found inside a communication cable pipe tunnel on the road at 2.30am, January 10, along Khlong Ha Thanyaburi – Khlong Luang in front of the Homeless Protection Center in Pathum Thani Province, Village No. 2, Rangsit Subdistrict, Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani province.

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