Muslim students in southern Thailand protest against decriminalisation of cannabis

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Students, teachers, and the board of Santiwit Songkla Technological College, in the southern province of Songkla, have condemned the government’s decision to decriminalise cannabis in Thailand.

The college yesterday called upon all MPs, especially Muslims, and relevant agencies, who supported the bill to decriminalise cannabis on June 9, to reconsider their decision and think about the future effects the drug will have on Thai people.

A student representative read out a declaration against the cannabis law, launched by the Private Schools Confederation Association of Southern Thailand, which demanded 5 steps:

1) MPs should consider their opinions and decisions on cannabis decriminalization.
2) Muslim MPs who agreed with the laws should consider their duties as a member of the Muslim community.
3) Students from every affiliation should ban the decriminalisation of cannabis.
4) The government should take the unemployment problem seriously.
5) The Association of Future Thai Professionals would like to praise all Muslim MPs who ban cannabis decriminalization.

The student representatives then called for PM Prayut Chan-o-cha and his cabinet to stand down. The group believe the current government is the worst in Thailand’s history, adding it has destroyed the economy, made people suffer more than any other previous regime, and didn’t solve any problems, just created them.

“Thailand needs a prime minister who cares about the people more than his power. Thailand needs a prime minister who does the right thing more than a prime minister who only cares about a survey result that some politicians made up. PM Prayut doesn’t have a vision or leadership. He couldn’t gather talented people to work for the country. What he can do is boast about the country’s royalty and ignore the corruption.”

Director of the Santiwit Songkla Technological College, Mangsot Ma-teh, supported the students’ strong anti-cannabis stand and added it is a drug everyone should stay away from it. He says Muslim people should be strict with their religious principles and Muslim MPs who gave the green light to the law should be condemned.

Students who joined the protest held billboards and placards with messages including, “No Ganja,” “Legal according to laws, not religious principles,” “Dissolve the parliament,” “Do not ignore just because you are not affected.”

SOURCE: Khaosod

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