Army ranger suspected of killing his wife and mother-in-law surrenders to authorities in Songkhla

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An army ranger carrying a military-grade firearm allegedly shot and killed his wife and mother-in-law last Thursday. The ranger turned himself in to authorities in the Southern province Songkhla yesterday and is now facing charges for premeditated murder.

37 year old Sgt Maj Pheeraphat Onchart surrendered to his commander at the 47th Ranger Regiment, yesterday. Pheeraphat was then brought to the Saba Yoi police station to be formally charged, according to the chief of Sabai Yoi police.

The ranger had allegedly shot his 38 year old wife, Chuthamas Sribang, who worked as a kindergarten teacher, and his mother in law, 58 year old Riam Sribang at their house last Thursday. His sister-in-law was shot in the arm.

Pheeraphat then allegedly took off in his car, which was later discovered overturned by the side of the road in the Sabayoi district. He had allegedly used an M16 rife to steal a local’s motorcycle to keep fleeing authorities. Police say the suspect Pheeraphat was motivated by jealousy. Police add that after they finish questioning Pheeraphat he will stand trial in a military court.

Pheeraphat faces charges of premeditated murder, theft, illegal possession of firearms, carrying firearms without a permit and forcing or threatening people. Pheeraphat declined to take part in a police reenactment of the alleged murders.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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