Koh Samui dwellers tell government to hurry & build bridge to mainland

Koh Samui, PHOTO: Natalia López Pevida/Flickr

Residents of Thailand’s island of Koh Samui are calling on the government to hurry up and build a bridge connecting the island to the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Thai media reported yesterday that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed to construct the bridge.

Koh Samui dwellers are keeping a close eye on the bridge projects since ferry tickets are expensive right now. One food vendor, a woman who sells grilled squid, said the price of a one-way ticket is now 170 baht. She said the round trip price is 340 baht, while cars are charged 550 baht each. The high transport prices have pushed up the prices of other products in Koh Samui, causing fewer Thai tourists to visit.

Food vendors are now urging the government to build the bridge fast, to boost Koh Samui’s tourism. Not only would the bridge make transport cheaper, but it would also cut down the time it takes to travel from the island to the mainland. This too would encourage more tourism.

Tourism officials visited Koh Samui earlier this month to discuss building the bridge. Tourism business operators on the island want it to become known as a wellness destination. The Samui Spa Association was one group pushing for this. Operators say the bridge would help this dream come true.

Now that the MoU for the bridge has been signed, we’ll see if the government follows residents’ demands to build it fast.

SOURCE: Naewna | Bangkok Post

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