Tourism authorities will co-host fun events in Phang Na and Krabi to boost economy

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In an effort to boost tourism income in Phang Na and Krabi, the Thailand Tourism Authority is helping host some new fun events. This comes after tourist areas in Thailand have been devastated by Covid-19. The first events will be two car rallies. People will drive along a route between the two cities, and stop at various sites to tour attractions and do cultural activities. The tours and activities will help bring income to local communities.

Some activities are outdoorsy, like planting seagrass for manatees and visiting a goat farm. There is also a bead museum participants can visit, and the Kaset Fair Krabi 2022, a street food fair. A communications manager for a petrol company also hosting the events told The Phuket News that this is just the start of more events to come.

“We are ready to support business owners, society and community to have a quality of life and well-being and grow together in a sustainable way.”

The car rallies will last from February 19-20. Participants must pay 1,800 baht per car, and groups travelling with three people in a car must pay 800 baht per person. The rallies include two days and one night of accommodation, two meals, two shirts, and two hats.

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SOURCE: The Phuket News

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