Three foreigners in Patong restaurant brawl fined 2,000 baht each

Photo by The Phuket Express.

Three foreigners who were involved in the Patong restaurant brawl this week have been fined 2,000 baht each, according to an update from the Phuket Provincial Police.

Yesterday, it was reported that a customer, 34 year old Australian national ‘Karen,‘ admitted that he started the dispute by throwing a water bottle at two restaurant staffers because he thought they were taking too long to prepare his meal. Karen stated that this was out of character for him and he was heavily intoxicated.

Last night, The Phuket Express reported that Karen, along with two legally employed restaurant staffers, admitted to assault charges, and the three were fined 2,000 baht. The two staffers are 25 year old Jordanian national Mr Alomari, and 26 year old Egyptian national Mr Ahmed. All three apologised to each other.

The outlet noted that the roles of chef or restaurant manager are not protected occupations, and it is possible to get a legal work permit for these roles, which according to Phuket police appeared to be the case.

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The Phuket Provincial Police did not mention if the three were sent to Phuket Immigration for possible yellow or red cards under a new classification system for misbehaving foreigners being tested in Phuket.

The brawl erupted in the early hours of Monday, March 27, at Atlas Restaurant on Soi Sansabai.

The staff said that a group of five drunk foreign tourists came to the restaurant and tried to order food and said they needed the food “quickly.”

According to the staff, the tourists became displeased when they were told they needed to wait in the queue like everyone else.

Patong is a nightlife hotspot, and late-night brawls are not unheard of there.

Last month, cops charged a Canadian tourist who last month claimed he was violently mugged in Patong. Patong Police say the tourist, 28 year old William Lamarche-Saint-Louis, was not robbed as he said he was, and he started the fight.

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