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The Nai Harn awarded for effective water management

The Nai Harn has received a Best Water Treatment Management award from Thailand’s Regional Environment office in Phuket.

This latest green award follows recognition earlier this year when Thailand’s Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, part of the Ministry of Natural Resources, bestowed a “Gold Level” Green Hotel Award on The Nai Harn for its ongoing initiatives and eco-friendly operations.

“It is satisfying and motivating to be recognised for our commitment to protecting the stunning natural environment that supports us at The Nai Harn,” said Frank Grassmann, the resort’s general manager.

“We integrate sustainable approaches throughout hotel operations in everything from the use of low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators in the bathrooms to recycling plastic bottles and growing our own organic vegetables and herbs for use in the restaurants. We were also one of the first hotels on the island to banish plastic straws,” he added.

Sukhon Chaiboon, The Nai Harn’s Chief Engineer accepts Best Water Treatment Management award

Adding to these initiatives, The Nai Harn recently participated in research instigated by The Phuket Hotels Association (PHA) in partnership with the U.S. Embassy Science Fellowship (ESF) Program to tackle the critical issue of waste management in Phuket, with the aim of eliminating single-use plastics at the island’s hotels.

As part of a 60 day program, Dr. Marissa Jablonski, an appointed fellow of the ESF, is conducting a series of tests at participating hotels around the island using the latest technology and data collection tools to measure plastic use and waste management.

At the end of her investigation, Dr Jablonski will produce a report detailing recommendations for the elimination of single-use plastics at all PHA member hotels and resorts.

“Plastic pollution is a problem that urgently needs to be solved on Phuket. As hosts it is our duty to be as proactive as possible and our collaboration with the PHA is one more way The Nai Harn can make a positive contribution to the protection of our local environment,” said Mr. Grassmann.

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