Russian woman dies in tragic Phuket’s bypass road accident

Image courtesy of Phuket City Police

A fatal accident occurred early this morning on Phuket’s bypass road when a 23 year old Russian woman was hit and killed by a pickup truck. The unfortunate event happened on the southbound lanes, near the Samkong Underpass.

Phuket City Police responded to the distress call at 2.17am. Upon arriving at the scene, alongside Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers, they discovered a four-door Ford Ranger pickup, registered in Khon Kaen, halted on the road.

The victim’s body was found about 15 metres away, dressed in a black crop top and black pants. She was later transported to Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Eyewitnesses informed the police that the pickup was heading southbound on the bypass road when the woman ran into its path. Despite the driver’s efforts, he was unable to swerve or halt in time to avoid colliding with her.

Phuket City Police have taken statements and begun the process of notifying the Russian consular officials to inform the woman’s family of the tragic incident.

As of now, the investigation into the accident is still ongoing and the identity of the woman is being withheld as her families are notified about the unfortunate occurrence.

In related news, a fatal accident occurred last night on Phra Baramee Road on the Kathu side of Patong Hill, Phuket, claiming the lives of two individuals and leaving several others injured.

The incident involved a pickup truck truck, which had been transporting workers, veering off its lane and colliding with a motorcycle.

In other news, a tragic traffic incident claimed the life of a 65 year old British woman in Kamala, Phuket. A white passenger van, careening through a red light at the main intersection, struck the long-term British resident on Sunday, May 5, ending her life abruptly on the spot.

The brutal force of collision hurled her body over 20 metres down the road before the van finally came to a halt.

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