Phuket’s critical situation calls for increased support

Photo by Living Waters Phuket

The following is a press release from Living Waters Phuket.

The deteriorating tourism situation plus rising Omicron cases have led to a demand for immediate and increased community support from
Living Waters Phuket.

Living Waters Phuket Foundation, together with 5 Star Marine, are dealing with a steep increase in demand for their ‘Life Bags’ from local communities in need, as the situation on and around the island worsens.

The Foundation has escalated its efforts and has been supplying around 1,000+ bags every day since the start of January (filled with food and household products to feed a family of 5 for up to 4 days). These are being individually packed and delivered to help Covid-19 quarantined communities and those in need, all over Phuket and the surrounding islands.

Current Situation

At this critical time, communities and villagers are being forced into quarantine and losing their jobs once again, in the face of the rapid spread of the newer Omicron Covid-19 variant, the premature ending of Phuket’s high season plus a sharp decline in tourism largely due to the changing entry criteria and the abolishment of the Test and Go entry scheme.

All this means that the calls for support are increasing exponentially as Living Waters Phuket together with 5 Star Marine try to push out more and more life bags every single day. The need is growing by the day, and is expected to continue throughout January and well into February at the very least.

Shaun Stenning, CEO and Founder of 5 Star Marine commented: “We wanted to extend our thanks at this difficult time to Phuket Boat Lagoon for providing us with ample office space for this sharp increase in demand for help from the community. The rising need for Life Bags is clear evidence of the difficult situation we are facing, but we have committed to continue supporting the community as we have done for almost 2 years, helping those who need us now sadly more than ever, and we are able to do this through the Living Waters Phuket Foundation.”

The Foundation

Living Waters Phuket Foundation was set up to build brighter futures for communities in need. This Foundation provides financial grants to projects around essential relief areas including sustainable food security, education requirements, renewable energy and environmental issues. It was established to help registered charities, foundations, private companies and government organisations by funding community projects in these areas.

Right now, the Foundation is focussing its efforts and funds to go directly to the most vulnerable in and around Phuket, those in village quarantine, without work, and those in need of basic food supplies.

How Can You Help?

You can help by donating to the Living Waters Phuket Foundation’s Weeboon page to help the Foundation prepare for the steeply increasing need for Life Bags from local communities.

Donations will be used to help get food and staple home products into the hands of those who need it most, those in village quarantine, those who have recently lost their jobs and those who cannot afford to eat without these bags being delivered to them.

Make a Difference Today

Please go to and search for ‘Living Waters Phuket’ – your donation will make a huge difference to those in need right now; whatever the amount.

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