High stakes: Phuket police weed out illegal marijuana trade

Phuket Provincial Police is intensifying its efforts to halt the illegal marijuana trade on the tropical paradise island. The move arrives in response to public grievances about foreigners unlawfully importing cannabis flowers and hosting impromptu gatherings.

Heading the charge is Phuket Provincial Police Commander, Police Major General Sinlert Sukhum, who recently convened with the Phuket Cannabis Association to strategise methods to keep tabs on the holiday resort’s marijuana outlets. The police will inspect stores vending marijuana and related products, with a keen eye on enforcing the Protection and Promotion of Traditional Thai Medical Knowledge Act B.E. 2542, revised in 2019, revealed Maj. Gen. Sinlert.

The primary goal of this heightened campaign is to ensure the safety of tourists, a cornerstone of the island’s economy. Maj. Gen. Sinlert made known that the officers would conduct relentless examinations of unlawful marijuana outlets and enforce legal compliance. Any non-compliant stores would face license suspension, he warned.

The meeting, held at the Phuket Provincial Police headquarters, saw the participation of Deputy Commander Pol. Col. Theerawat Liamsuwan, officials from the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO), and other esteemed members.

Representing the consortium of cannabis operators was Poonwarit “Thames” Wangpatravanich, President of the Phuket Cannabis Association. Poonwarit has been a vocal advocate for increased regulatory enforcement surrounding the cannabis industry, while also maintaining accessibility to medical cannabis products.

Highlighting the importance of a balanced industry last May, Poonwarit said it will be more structured this year, reported Phuket News.

“It will be a more regulated industry, which is good for the industry as a whole. It will be more sustainable because want anything too much or too little ‒ there needs to be a balance.”

Echoing this sentiment, Poonwarit noted that increased regulation would be the best outcome for the industry. As the provincial police ramp up their activities to ensure a safer and compliant Phuket, it remains to be seen how these stringent measures will reshape the island’s cannabis landscape.

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