Phuket Covid-19 clinic to close down this month

Aunjai clinic to close, photo by Phuket Provincial Public Health Office.

One Covid-19 clinic in Phuket is preparing to shut down on May 16, even though it only opened eight months ago in September last year. The Phuket Provincial Public Health Office announced the upcoming closure of Aunjai Clinic yesterday in a briefing, and on Facebook. The clinic was established to provide locals who tested positive for Covid-19 with advice, medicines, and lung x-rays.

In addition to medical services, the goal of the new Aunjai Clinic had been to act as the first point of contact and comfort for people afflicted with Covid-19. The clinic intended to offer a convenient place for patients to turn to for advice, as well as building confidence and reducing stress for those infected. The word “Aunjai” in Thai means ‘peace of mind’. The clinic also provided 24/7 phone services on its hotline.

When the clinic was first launched, there was some immediate confusion. Officials first said that the clinic would be at a building near Vachira Phuket Hospital, but then said the next day that it would actually be at Phuket Provincial Hall. In the closure announcement, the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office did not provide the reason why Aunjai Clinic is closing. the PPHO also did not specify if call services will continue. The announcement provides the date of the closure, and says…

“Patients can receive services at respiratory departments of provincial hospitals according to their rights.”

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SOURCE: The Phuket News

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