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Maya Bay coral “far from ready”

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Maya Bay coral “far from ready” | The Thaiger

by Pratch Rujivanrom

The corals at Maya Bay are not strong enough yet to withstand the influx of visitors. This latest from the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department (DNP) explaining reasons for the indefinite closure of the bay.

Though the iconic tourist attraction in Krabi’s Had Nopparat Tara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park has been off limits for four months to facilitate coral reef restoration, there have been only slight signs of coral recovery, according to the assessment of experts at the site. The experts said that this was because of the decades of damage inflicted on the coral reefs at Maya Bay by tourism activities, so the reefs needed more time to recover and gain enough strength to endure the impact of tourism before the bay could be reopened.

DNP’s National Parks Office director Songtam Suksawang said evaluation of the coral reef restoration efforts at Maya Bay found very little improvement in the condition of the reefs and the ratio of dead corals to living corals was still more than two to one. “The coral reefs at Maya Bay can be divided into three sections: the first section at the shallow reef flat on the North of the beach, the second section at the shallow reef flat on the beachfront, and the third section at the deep water reef at the edge of the bay,” Songtam said.

“None of these reefs showed a satisfactory recovery rate. Our study found that all three reefs in Maya Bay have a coral growth rate less than 1 per cent compared to before the bay closure period.”

According to the DNP’s latest coral reef survey at Maya Bay, it was found that the first section of the reef to the North of the beach had the highest number of living corals at 19.93 per cent, a 0.65 per cent increase after the coral restoration operation was undertaken.

Suphaphon Prempree, the head of the coral reef restoration operation, explained the higher living coral proportion there compared to other sections to lesser impacts from boat traffic and tourist activities.

The second section at the beachfront is still the most damaged area of Maya coral reefs. Only 2.83 per cent of corals in this area are alive, because this section of the reefs had received the most impact from tourism activities, but this area also has the highest increase compared to before the operation at 0.93 per cent.

In the third section of the reef at the edge of the bay, the number of living corals has increased by 0.18 per cent, the lowest recovery rate compared to other parts, making the current proportion of living corals in this area 16 per cent.

Looking at the current condition of Maya Bay’s coral reefs, Supaphon concluded that the resilience and ability of the reefs to recover naturally are still too low to allow the reopening of the bay to tourists.

“The recovery rate of the coral reefs will gradually increase over time, if we leave the reefs alone to let them rest and naturally recover themselves,” she said. “Considering the rate of restoration and the level of damage the reefs have suffered, I am sure Maya Bay’s coral reefs can be restored to their former beauty by just letting nature heal itself, but this will require decades of limiting human activities in the bay area.”

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Maya Bay coral

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Krabi Police tracking down durian thief

The Thaiger



Krabi Police tracking down durian thief | The Thaiger

A hungry thief in Krabi has stolen 10 durians from a shop yesterday with a value of more than 5,000 Baht.

The Krabi City Police were notified about the incident at the fruit shop in Mueang Krabi District.

Police arrived at the scene to find 38 year old Nittaya Kampueak, the owner of the shop.

Khun Nittaya told police that yesterday morning, after opening the shop she later discovered that 10 of the durian had disappeared. Each durian weigh about 5 kilograms, a total cost of more than 5,000 baht.

She told police that the incident happened while she and her family were in the house, behind the shop.

Krabi Police are continuing their investigation to find Krabi’s durian thief .

Krabi Police tracking down durian thief | News by The Thaiger Krabi Police tracking down durian thief | News by The Thaiger


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Restaurant accused of dumping garbage beside road in Krabi

The Thaiger



Restaurant accused of dumping garbage beside road in Krabi | The Thaiger

More garbage has been found dumped beside the road in Krabi.

About ten bags of garbage have been found dumped on the road in Mueang Krabi District where many tourists pass as they head to famous tourism places in Ao Nang.

Sai Thai Tambon Administrative Chief Organisation (OrBorTor) Deputy Chief Chayanat Kayankarn says, “These garbage bags have been dumped outside garbage dumping zones. This road is on a popular touris route.”

“We believed that this garbage is from a restaurant and not residential garbage.”

The Krabi Highway Office plans to take further legal action against the hotel in Krabi today for allegedly dumping garbage on our roadside in Muang district.

Read more about another recent dumping in Krabi HERE.

Restaurant accused of dumping garbage beside road in Krabi | News by The Thaiger


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Police ride pillion on big bike to chase down a hit-and-run pick-up – VIDEO

The Thaiger



Police ride pillion on big bike to chase down a hit-and-run pick-up – VIDEO | The Thaiger

A Krabi policeman has ridden with a local big biker, chasing and shooting at a pick-up after a hit and run incident.

Ao Lueak Police Chief Col Kritsanat Wongklaharn in Krabi says, “At 10am we were notified from Phang Nga Police that a pickup truck had fled to Krabi after a hit and run in Phang Nga.”

“After that Ao Lueak Police in Krabi set up a checkpoint to stop the pickup truck. The pickup truck broke though the checkpoint at Na Nuea in Krabi on Petkasem Road.”

“A volunteer big bike rider who saw the incident asked police to jump on his Big Bike. They set off after the pickup truck with other police in tow.”

(Cue chase music)

“Police fired a shot at the pickup truck’s front wheel but the pickup truck kept going. Following a few more warning shots, police eventually stopped the pickup on Southern Seaboard Road in Krabi.”

“The 21 year old suspect Kietisak Srisaema, who sustained minor injuries in the incident, has been arrested. He came up ‘positive’ in a drug test. He told us that he had had an argument with his wife before the incident.”

“Kietisak was taken to Phang Nga Police Station where he has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs, driving with disregard for other people’s safety, driving through stop signs and reckless driving.”

Shootout in Krabi

Posted by The Thaiger on Thursday, December 6, 2018

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