Mai Khao authorities in Phuket enforce removal of illegally posted signs

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Efforts to remove illegal roadside signs throughout the Mai Khao area have been ramped up, following orders given by Sarawut Srisakukham, the Chief of the Mai Khao Tambon Administration Organisation (OrBorTor). As part of the ongoing crackdown, officials have been tasked with identifying and dismantling any unauthorised signage, to help maintain order and cleanliness in the region.

The campaign commenced earlier this week, with officers successfully taking down various illegally placed advertisements, including signs promoting a seafood restaurant, a local pub, a cannabis café in Phang Nga, and a housing project in Phuket. Interestingly, some of these unauthorised signs were located just a few metres away from lawful campaign posters for local election candidates, which remained untouched.

In an online post, Mai Khao OrBorTor clarified the reasons for the removal of the offending signs, citing that they had been unlawfully installed without the necessary permits issued by the organisation. In Thailand, the placement of such signage is regulated under the Cleanliness and Orderliness of the Country Act 1992 and the Public Health Act 1992. Authorities are urging individuals to ensure they obtain the proper permissions before erecting any signs, thus helping to maintain a safe, organised, and visually appealing environment within the community.

The decision to remove the illegal signs demonstrates the continued commitment of Mai Khao officials towards preserving the region’s cleanliness and adhering to established regulations. Furthermore, this proactive approach in ensuring that all signs comply with existing legislation sends a clear message: those seeking to bypass official channels will not be tolerated.

It remains to be seen if other areas in Phuket and throughout Thailand will follow Mai Khao’s example and take similar actions to combat the issue of illegal roadside signs. However, this initiative in Mai Khao sets a positive precedent, highlighting the importance of adhering to the country’s policies for maintaining order and cleanliness in public spaces.

The ongoing crackdown is a strong step towards better regulation and enforcement of rules. The authorities hope that compliance with these laws will contribute to a cleaner and more organised environment, ultimately improving the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

As the campaign continues, Mai Khao officials will remain vigilant in identifying and removing any unauthorised signage in the area. Their proactive approach and commitment to enforcing regulations serve as a reminder to others that adherence to the law is essential in maintaining an orderly, clean, and welcoming community for all, reports The Phuket News.

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