Croc randomly shows up in Phuket temple pond

Photo by The Phuket Express.

A crocodile randomly showed up in the pond of a Phuket temple on Friday. Monks at the temple on the Toh Sae Hill in Phuket’s main city district say they have no idea who released the croc there.

The monks were afraid that the croc would hurt people who feed turtles in the pond. Luckily, the Phuket Fisheries Office removed the 120 centimetres, long creature.

Across Thailand, crocodiles have shown up in some bizarre locations. Last month, Bangkok residents were stunned to see a croc turn up in the heart of their city. The croc was spotted sunbathing in a small pond on Charoen Krung soi 107, in a wooded area owned by a local middle-aged man.

In April, two Chon Buri locals in Ko Chan district were hunting for a monitor lizard in a lagoon, when all of a sudden a croc snapped one local on the leg, and the other on their hand. After scrambling out of the lagoon, locals had to use water pumps to decrease the level of water in the lagoon, and catch the fierce croc.

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In another incident in April, a baby crocodile even showed up in someone’s kitchen in Chon Buri.

Luckily, the croc recently found in the Phuket temple pond was removed before it could harm anyone.

SOURCE: The Phuket Express

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