Chinese tourists bring Thai school uniform trend to famous spots in Phuket

Chinese students wear Thai school uniforms in Phuket, photo by ThaiRath (edited).

Chinese tourists have now brought the new trend of dressing up in Thai school uniforms to famous spots in downtown Phuket. These hotspots include Museum Phuket, ThaiRath reported yesterday. The museum is a well known landmark with its clock standing high above the main building.

Chinese tourists also enjoyed taking photos of themselves dressed in Thai school uniforms at Chiang Mai University, where administrators have had to set measures and provide facilities for these tourists.

The trend is reported to have been inspired by Thai Thai romantic comedies such as “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” as well as the Chinese comedy film “Lost in Thailand.” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” tells a story of a 14 year old high-school girl who falls in love with a senior student and improves herself to be good enough for him.

With Phuket now booming with a large number of both Thai and foreign tourists, Chinese tourists have been making waves with their school uniform fad.

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Last week, a Thai lawyer warned Chinese tourists to stop wearing Thai student uniforms while travelling in Thailand as it could result in a fine of 1,000 baht.

The well-known Thai lawyer, Ratchapon Sirisakorn, urged Chinese tourists to be aware of Thai law related to student uniforms. Ratchapon warned that wearing a student uniform but not having a student status could result in a fine of 1,000 baht according to the Student Uniform Act.

Ratchapon explained that wearing a student uniform or dress to imitate students and making others believe that the persons are students could be illegal if they embody school names or abbreviations that match with schools in Thailand.

Ratchapon suggested that Chinese tourists and others who want to keep up with the trend avoid embodying any messages on the uniforms or only embody their names to avoid legal charges and fines.

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