Phuket power play: Deputy PM aims to dismantle influential figures

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A campaign to dismantle the influence of Thai and foreign powerful figures in Phuket has been launched by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Anutin Charnvirakul. The initiative was announced before an assembly of 550 officers yesterday at the Phuket Provincial Police Station, aiming to disrupt any criminal networks promoted by said figures.

As the campaign’s primary aim is to combat various criminal activities plaguing the region, special attention is to be diverted to crimes relating to drug trafficking, illegal gambling, human trafficking, and environmental degradation, meanwhile ensuring the safety and welfare of residents and tourists.

Anutin, in an official report, highlighted the “urgency of the situation” and proposed a multi-faceted strategy involving the mobilisation of special task forces at both provincial and district levels.

These task forces will consist of administrative officials, military personnel, and law enforcement officers. Present at the announcement were notable figures including Phuket Governor Sophon Suwannarat and representatives from national law-enforcement agencies.

Anutin was accompanied by Deputy Minister of Interior Chada Thaiset, along with Oransit Samphantharat, Director-General of the Department of Provincial Administration; Pornpoj Penpas, Director-General of the Department of Land; Sayam Sirimongkol, Director-General of the Community Development Department; General Kriangkrai Srirak, Chairman of the Advisory Group to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior; and Traisulee Traisanakul, Secretary to the Minister of Interior and spokesman for the Ministry of Interior.

The Phuket delegation was led by Phuket Provincial Police Commander Police Major General Sinlert Sukhum, reinforced by local government agencies, local administrative organisations (OrBorTor and municipalities), police officers, and members of the Volunteer Defense Corps (OrSor).

Notably, Anutin sported his uniform with the official insignia of the OrSor, showcasing the White Elephant. As Minister of Interior, Anutin serves as the commander of the OrSor throughout the country.

Bolstering security and order in the Phuket area is the overall key objective as noted by Anutin.

The focus is on structuring social order and targeting influential figures and suppressing criminal elements plaguing the region. The government’s commitment to this cause is under the directive of Prime Minister Settha Thavisin, reported Phuket News.

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