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A British travel agent was left ‘unable to move’ after the taxi she and her partner were in was in a head-on smash with a truck heading to Khao Lak. The incident happened back on May 9. The couple were forced to rely on family and a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds to pay their medical bills at Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Abbie Sontag, from Harlow, UK, and her boyfriend Pete Brudenell had only been enjoying their holiday for a matter of days when they were involved in the serious collision with a truck.

According to the, 28 year old Abbie had to pay out £35,000 as she was stuck in the Bangkok Hospital Phuket unable to be transferred. She had broken three ribs, rupturing her spleen and bowel and required surgery on her back. He partner was also injured.

According to the report, the family discovered that Abbie’s travel insurance didn’t cover any of the operations she required.

Her sister said, “We were hit with the devastating news that Abbie’s insurance does not cover her medical bills and we are now relying on the generosity of people to help raise the money to get Abbie the medical help she needs without having the worries of paying it all back.”

A Go-Fund-Me page was set up to raise money for the couple’s mounting medical bills.

From the couple’s Facebook page dated May 15…

“Pete has been discharged now. We have enough funds now to cover all the medical bills so we couldn’t be more happy and over whelmed by everyones help. Abbie and Pete thank you from the bottom of their hearts not only for the financial help but all the emotional support and amazing messages they have received it has truly helped with their recovery. They couldn’t have got through this without all of the support you are all truly amazing.”

Pete & Abbies Journey

COMMENT: We’re glad Pete and Abbie are on their way to recovery and would urge all people heading to Thailand to check they have adequate travel or health insurance to cover the unscripted moments when things might go wrong.

- The Thaiger


  1. These pleas for cash are becoming increasingly frequent. Pople should check they have adequate insurance before leaving home This ladies problem belongs to her, her family and her friends.Inquiry should also be made about what insurance the taxi driver had for his/her passengers.