TMD: Thailand braces for winter onset with lower temperatures and shifting winds

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The Thai Meteorology Department (TMD) officially marked the onset of the winter season from yesterday, November 14.

With this shift in seasons, the northern regions of Thailand are bracing for a noticeable drop in temperature, potentially reaching below 23 degrees Celsius in some areas. Signifying the winter’s arrival, the wind direction across Thailand, ranging from 100 to 3,500 metres in altitude, will alter its course to either the northeast or east.

In addition to the change in wind direction at lower altitudes, the TMD also predicts a shift in the winds at higher altitudes. Above 5,000 metres, the wind will take a westerly turn. One interesting feature of the early Thai winter, as noted by the experts, is the likelihood of sporadic rainfall in the northern regions. This is expected to occur in various periods throughout the early stages of the winter season.

While the northern areas prepare for the cold and intermittent rain, another weather pattern is brewing in the southern region of Thailand. Here, the forecast predicts a succession of heavy rain. This continuous downpour, though common during this seasonal transition, could potentially bring about challenges for the locals and travellers alike.

“The shift in wind direction is quite a common phenomenon during the onset of the winter season. The winds from the northeast or east, combined with those from the west at higher altitudes, help bring down the temperature, marking the beginning of winter.”

On the other hand, the anticipation of continuous heavy rain in the south is an essential part of the department’s forecast.

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“It’s quite standard for the southern region to experience these bouts of heavy rain during the seasonal switch. It’s part of the region’s natural weather pattern.”

As the country moves into the winter season, the TMD will continue to monitor the weather conditions closely. They encourage citizens and visitors to stay updated on the latest forecasts, especially those planning to travel or carry out outdoor activities during this period, reported Pattaya News.

With the onset of winter, the people of Thailand are set to experience a mix of cold weather, occasional rains in the north, and continuous heavy rain in the south. As always, the TMD remains committed to providing accurate and timely weather updates to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort during the change of seasons.

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