South Korean racer tragically killed during Pattaya’s Jet Ski World Cup

South Korean jet ski racer Sung Won Kim was tragically killed on Saturday.

A South Korean jet ski racer was tragically killed in an accident in Pattaya on Saturday. The racer, 40-year-old Sung Won Kim, had been competing in the Water Jet World Grand Prix 2022 in Jomtien.

Kim reportedly fell off of his jet ski while entering the first curve at the beginning of the race. He hit the sea forcefully and lost consciousness, The Pattaya News reported.

Rescuers rushed Kim to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, where medical personnel reported that his pulse had stopped. The medical team tried to resuscitate Kim, but he, unfortunately, passed away.

No injuries or bone fractures were found on Kim’s body. The medical staff initially believed the cause of the accident was either fatigue or a stroke. There will be an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

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The competition’s representatives said that Kim did not collide with anyone. They affirmed that they had a professional rescue team on standby, but there were many competitors in the sea at the time of the accident.

The representatives expressed condolences for Kim and his family. Kim’s beloved jet ski was placed at the contest site for the audience to mourn his loss. Kim’s brother was also invited to finish the rest of the race to honour Kim.

Meanwhile, the organisers arranged a funeral and live-streamed it to over 10 million people across the globe.

Kim’s tragic death occurred only two days after another foreign athlete was also tragically killed in Pattaya. The Russian basketball player, 19-year-old Alex Sobolev, was electrocuted after touching a lamp pole on a court outside a school in the Bang Lamung district.

Rescuers arrived on the scene after they were alerted that Sobolev had passed out after touching the pole. Sobolev was rushed to the nearest hospital, but unfortunately, he did not survive.

After Kim’s heartbreaking death on Saturday, Pattaya is now mourning the tragic loss of two athletes.

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