Si Racha ice factory closed due to Covid

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An ice factory in Si Racha, a district to the north of Pattaya and south of Samut Prakan, has been ordered to close for the time being as there have been multiple confirmed cases of Covid-19 infections stemming from their business. As ordered by the Chon Buri Governor today.

Chon Buri Governor, Phakarathorn Teanchai, gave this notice via the Chonburi Public Relations Office.

Si Racha ice factory closed due to Covid | News by Thaiger
Photo via The Pattaya News.

The amount of infections found in the Suksawat Pansadet Ice Factory is located in the Khao Kansong sub-district of Si Racha, were not given, but the Chon Buri Department of Public Health announced today that there 101 confirmed Covid-19 cases, mostly divided between the Pansadet Ice factory and a “Chinese party”.

The closure is in order to halt the spread of Covid-19, says the Chon Buri Disease Control Committee. To further contain the spread, the factory’s staff has been quarantined to prevent them from mingling with the general population, as officials attempt to isolate the outbreak.

The order closes the factor from today until June 18.

There 101 confirmed Covid-19 cases today in the Chon Buri province.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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