Pattaya’s egg thief scrambles yet again

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The case of the Pattaya egg thief still hasn’t been cracked, and the thief has scrambled yet again.

Another two egg merchants have been duped by the new Pattaya egg thief wreaking havoc around Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district. One of the victims, 31 year old Wichitra, told The Pattaya News on July 21 that a thief had stolen 10 packs of eggs from her.

Wichitra said the man pulled up to her shop in a pickup truck and ordered 10 packs of eggs. After putting the eggs in his car, the man told her he didn’t have cash on him and needed to cook the eggs for students at a nearby school. The thief asked to pay later, and Wichitra agreed. She said she sympathised with the situation because she knew the school well.

But the egg snatcher never returned with Wichitra’s money, leaving her sad about her loss. Wichitra said he never contacted the school, either. Now, she plans to be on her guard the next time she is in a similar situation. Wichitra said…

“I will just refuse or at least ask the person to place a deposit first if they want to pay later.”

After stealing from Wichitra, the thief drove to another sub-district in Bang Lamung and struck yet another victim. Like Wichitra, 31 year old merchant Chonthicha said the thief drove an antique pickup truck. The thief also ordered 10 packs of eggs from Chonticha and told her the same lie about needing to feed hungry students but not having cash on him. He dashed away in his truck before Chonticha even agreed.

Chonthicha said she reported the case to Banglamung police, with CCTV footage clearly showing the suspect’s appearance.

This news comes after the thief stole from two other merchants this past week. One of the merchants, who was robbed on July 19, said the eggs stolen from her were worth over 8,600 baht.

One merchant said the thief looked about 40-45 years old. All of the thefts have been in the Bang Lamung district. Police have promised to catch the thief, but he remains on the loose. Now that one of the victims says she has clear CCTV footage, maybe the bad egg will finally get fried once and for all.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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