A bad egg: Pattaya’s egg thief scrambles

The thief allegedly stole over 8,600 baht worth of eggs from Hem, photo by The Pattaya News.

Pattaya and Chon Buri have had a variety of bizarre thieves: underwear burglars, cactus robbers, and now, an egg thief. In the past week, two egg merchants in Pattaya have complained that thieves stole their eggs. One of the merchants, who was robbed on July 19, said the eggs stolen from her were worth over 8,600 baht.

The merchant, 40 year old Hem, said a man stopped his car by her egg stall in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district. He then ordered eggs worth 8,600 baht. Once Hem finished packing the eggs, the thief quickly grabbed them and put them into his car. Hem says he then tried to convince her that he needed to drive to get money from an ATM, but she did not believe him.

The thief then told Hem he would walk to a nearby garage to get money, meaning he would leave his car where he had parked it. Hem agreed, but when she wasn’t looking, the sneaky thief got into his car and drove off. Hem was left sad and distressed from losing a huge amount of money that she would have used to feed her family. She said she reported the incident to Hui Yai police, who promised to capture the suspect.

But Hem is not the only Pattaya egg merchant in distress. Last week, a thief stole eggs from another merchant in Bang Lamung. The suspect may be the same person who stole from Hem, although it hasn’t yet been confirmed. This merchant, 57 year old Bang-on, said a man who drove a rusty pickup truck stole dozens of eggs from her stall.

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Bang-on said the suspect was around 40-45 years old. She said he tried to keep her busy by asking her to write a bill while he was fussing with his phone. The thief then told Bang-on he had to go get money from his car, but then he drove off with the eggs. As with Hem’s case, the police have promised to catch the thief.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News | The Pattaya News

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