Pattaya police respond to call reporting a “ghost”

Screenshot / Video by Pattaya News

Police in Pattaya responded to a call for a ghost… Yes, a ghost. Locals heard crying and howling coming from an abandoned shophouse. It was so disturbing that they called the police, worried that the empty shop was haunted. Turns out the ghost was actually a homeless man who seemed to be having an emotional breakdown.

Officers responded to the shophouse at around 2am Monday and discovered that the crying noise was from a man. The man appeared to have mental health issues and was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

One resident told Pattaya News reporters that he started hearing screaming around 1:30am, and assumed it was a person, but others thought the sound was a ghost.

“This particular shophouse has had a reputation amongst locals for being haunted, although I personally thought it was a homeless person. The howling had also woken up several other nearby residents who were afraid of a potential ghost. To be safe, we called the police to investigate.”

Many Thais believe in ghosts, and some call the police when they have an issue with the spirit world. In July, a Thai woman in the northern province Phrae went to the local police station to report that a spirit was harassing her. But since the police don’t do paranormal investigations, officers told the woman to visit a temple.

SOURCE: Pattaya News

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