Pattaya bars making money from live streaming for customers overseas – VIDEO

PHOTO: YouTube: Cherry Bar Pattaya

Since foreign tourists can’t visit the bars in Pattaya, some of the bars are live streaming and posting videos online to allow people to chat and connect with the female bar staff, partially making up for revenue lost during the pandemic. The Pattaya News says the chats aren’t explicit, just a friendly chat between the bar staff with men who are stuck in other countries and unable to travel to Thailand. Facilities have also been set up so they can send money to the ladies.

Pattaya’s Cherry Bar started live streaming on YouTube, asking the viewers to buy drinks for the staff. It’s understood the staff get commission when a customer buys a drink for them, much the same as the situation when gentlemen attend the bars in person. There’s music, noise, banter, innuendo, short pants, over-priced drinks and too much eye make-up, just like the real thing.

“To buy a drink for the staff, please click this link! 125 baht each, or ring the bell for 900 baht.”

Apparently, the live streaming is working. Pattaya News says some bars have made “tens of thousands of US dollars.” Some have dedicated audiences. The Cherry Bar’s YouTube page started posting videos 3 months ago and has livestreams as well as videos of parties and women pole dancing at other Pattaya bars.

On a video of 2 women pole dancing at Destiny GoGo, a commenter wrote “Can’t wait get back Pattaya going to barfine both ladys” (we didn’t correct his mistakes) and Cherry Bar responded by saying “The sooner they reopen the airport, the better.”

On Pattaya’s Walking Street, bars now only have a few customers, mostly retired expats who were living in Thailand long-term, according to Pattaya News. Some foreign expats who frequent the Pattaya bars say they disagree with live streaming and are concerned about being filmed without their permission. Others say the staff are ignoring the customers at the bar and paying more attention to the customers online.

Other businesses in Pattaya have changed since the pandemic. Some are now marketing to a Thai customer base since there has been a ban on international tourists. Hotels that once catered to foreign travellers have been turned into alternative state quarantine facilities for Thais returning home from overseas. The Pattaya News even says some bars used to ban transgender people are now welcoming them.

To watch live streamed videos from Cherry Bar, click on the link here…

SOURCE: Pattaya News

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