Navy sailor saves Dutch expat’s life with CPR in Thai shopping centre

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The coastal district of Chon Buri in Sattahip shopping centre, Makro, witnessed an act of heroism yesterday, March 30, when a navy sailor, CPO2 Niwat Khanghang, leapt into action to save a life. Thai national media reported the dramatic incident involving a Dutch expat, identified as Zacharias Krokke, who lost consciousness in his car.

CPO2 Niwat Khanghang, a professionally trained volunteer rescuer associated with Arpakorn Kiattiwong Hospital, Sattahip Naval Base, was in the right place at the right time. He noticed the unconscious Krokke, who had fallen into a dire medical situation. Krokke was lifeless, showing no signs of breath or a pulse, while his Thai wife frantically sought help.

Without hesitation, CPO2 Niwat, along with his wife and a few helpful bystanders, moved Krokke to an open area. It was there that Niwat began administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to Krokke. During this tense moment, Niwat also had the presence of mind to dial 1669, the Thai emergency services hotline.

The swift and precise actions of Niwat paid off, as Krokke began to show signs of life. He started breathing on his own, displaying a weak but promising pulse. However, the relief was short-lived as Krokke’s breath ceased again. Unfazed, Niwat initiated a second round of CPR, reported The Pattaya News.

Just as Niwat was battling to revive Krokke, help arrived in the form of an ambulance. The unconscious Dutch expat was quickly transported to Queen Sirikit Hospital for immediate medical attention. The hospital’s cardiac care unit is presently overseeing Krokke’s medical treatment, although his current condition remains undisclosed by his relatives.

In related news, a hazardous rip current at Patong Beach, Phuket, nearly claimed the life of a foreign tourist. Thanks to the swift and skilled response from Patong Beach’s lifeguards, the individual was safely brought back to shore and revived.

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