Monk offers 10,000 baht reward for information that leads to turtle thief’s capture

A monk in Chon Buri, an eastern Thai province, is offering a 10,000 baht reward to anyone who helps return his stolen turtles. The monk says the turtles are ancient. The specific species of turtles has not been given.

The turtles were allegedly stolen from the Samet Temple in Chon Buri and the abbot says the turtle stealers took between 70 and 80 reptiles from temple grounds either sometime this week, or possibly last night, they’re not exactly sure on the timeline.

About 7 to 8 of the stolen turtles are thought to be nearly 100 years old. The abbot, Phrakru Sangkarak, adds that the turtles resided at the temple for many years. He also says he has not filed an official police report with the Samet police but plans to do so after he has reached out to local media.

According to Thai media, 4 years ago, Phrakru won 30 million baht in the Thai national lottery. The money was partially used for other temples in the Chon Buri area, and presumably lots of turtle food.

On the turtles’ disappearance he has this to say:

I am very saddened by this situation and want my turtles that I have raised for most of my life and were valuable members of the temple community returned. Anyone who can return my turtles or give information leading to what happened to them will receive a reward of 10,000 baht.

To contact the temple, and abbot regarding the theft, they can be reached at 089 545 1987.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News


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