Loan shark sends goons to attack man in hospital and steal his car

PHOTO: While in the hospital, a man was attacked by debt collectors who then stole his car. (via YouTube)

Some people never heard the phrase “don’t kick ’em while they’re down” and it shows. A man who is receiving medical treatment in a Chon Buri hospital was brutally attacked in his hospital room by debt collectors. Four men entered his room, beat him, and then grabbed his car keys and took off. They found his car in the parking lot of the hospital and drove it away.

According to Thai media, the man had been hospitalised after borrowing money from a loan shark. He had taken 100,000 baht but struggled to repay the debt. The loan shark in Chon Buri persistently tried to recoup the money leading up to the attack in the hospital. The man only fell further behind when he became sick and required medical attention from the hospital.

But the man’s illness did not deter the loan shark from coming after his money. He sent four goons to the hospital where they located the man and burst into the room where he was receiving treatment. They threatened the man and then attacked him in his hospital room. When they spotted his car keys, they grabbed them and sped off in the man’s vehicle while he sat helplessly in the hospital. According to Thai News Room, the car was worth 689,000 baht.

After filing a police report, officers launched an investigation and were able to identify one suspect. An arrest warrant was issued for a 27 year old man who had fled after the incident to Uthai Thani province. Police pursued him to the northern province and managed to track him down and take him into custody. He denied any involvement in the attack in the hospital but is facing charges of ganging up to steal property and evading arrest.

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