Hit-and-run on Pattaya beach leaves young woman dead

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A tragic occurrence marred the night in Pattaya Beach on Thursday, where an unidentified pickup truck caused the untimely demise of a woman lighting up the serene beach-side city. The bustling city was taken aback when the life of 23 years old Songkran Phadunglom was cut short after being caught in a hit-and-run incident that happened in the pure sight of Pattaya’s Soi Thung Klom Tan Man 10.

Sawang Boriboon rescuers were left with little room for hope as Songkran Phadunglom was found lying in the entrance of the city’s bustling street around 11pm. The severity of her neck injuries had taken an irreversible toll, leading to her unfortunate end at the very site of the incident.

“She looked peaceful, oblivious to what might be heading her way,” recalls Kotchakorn Ngao-ngam, an eyewitness who first alerted the rescue team. “I remember seeing a black pickup truck, it had a lowered suspension and seemed to have undergone racing modifications. Before I could process what was happening, the driver crashed into a nearby power pole and didn’t hesitate before fleeing the scene.”

As the truck sped away, Kotchakorn’s gaze was drawn back to the silent figure lying on the road. Beside her was an overturned motorcycle – a grim marker of the horrific accident that took place. “I screamed for anyone nearby. To chase the truck, anything to bring the driver to justice,” comments Kotchakorn, her eyes filled with sorrow and regret. But despite all efforts, no one managed to catch the perpetrator.

A wave of solemn silence washed over the city as Songkran Phadunglom’s body was transferred away by the rescue team, the lights of Banglamung Hospital in the distance marking the end of a life partly lived.

A glimmer of justice seems to be on the horizon, as the Pattaya City police take the matter into their hands. Through an intensive examination of the city’s CCTV recordings, they hope to piece together the puzzle that will ultimately lead them to the driver responsible for the tragic incident, reports The Pattaya News.

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