Pattaya plunged! Streets submerged after heavy rain havoc

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Heavy rainfall early today in Pattaya City led to severe flooding, submerging streets and stranding numerous vehicles. The sudden downpour created chaos in various key locations, significantly impacting daily life.

Many cars and motorcycles were unexpectedly caught as water levels rose swiftly, particularly affecting sedans parked along roadsides. Notable areas such as Third Road, the Mum Aroi Restaurant intersection in Central Pattaya, and routes leading to North Pattaya experienced significant flooding. Khao Talo Railway Road, heading towards Wat Tham Samakkhi, also saw a rapid surge in water levels.

Numerous drivers attempted to navigate the flooded streets, resulting in damage to their vehicles. Sedans were particularly susceptible, while even taller vehicles faced difficulties manoeuvring through the waterlogged roads.

Despite the severe conditions, the residents of Pattaya displayed remarkable resilience. Neighbours collaborated to move vehicles to higher ground, and local businesses extended shelter to those caught in the heavy rain. This community spirit was evident as people supported each other throughout the ordeal.

As the rain eased and water levels began to drop, efforts to recover from the flooding commenced. This incident highlights Pattaya’s susceptibility to extreme weather events and underscores the critical need for preparedness, reported Pattaya News.

Pattaya plunged! Streets submerged after heavy rain havoc | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Pattaya News

In related news, an unfortunate incident involving an Indian tourist prompted the Pattaya Tourist Police to inspect a Sea Walker business, a popular water activity in the area.

The tourist suffered severe injuries while participating in the Sea Walker experience and needed urgent medical care at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.

The Sea Walker activity involves participants wearing helmets that supply air while they explore the seabed in the shallow waters of the Pattaya Gulf. This incident has led to increased scrutiny of the businesses offering such experiences.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Piyaphong Ensarn, along with Pol. Lt. Col. Suparat Meepreecha and Pol. Lt. Col. Apichart Jarurak spearheaded the investigation. Their team examined two boats associated with the Sea Walker business: the Marine Diving Service paddle boat and the Kong Samut 8 boat. Both vessels were operating near the Koh Sak area in Chon Buri province.

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