Pattaya’s watery woes: Torrential rains wreak flooding havoc

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Pattaya was reeling from torrential rains that caused widespread flooding, leading to vehicular damages as cars attempted to navigate the waterlogged streets. The situation was swiftly addressed by the authorities who conducted a thorough inspection. Soon after, the water level gradually receded and normalcy was restored around 12.20am today.

The deluge was reported in the Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri province, where heavy rain fell continuously for over an hour. This resulted in flooding in several areas, with water levels in some parts rising between 50 and 80 centimetres.

The Thailand Meteorological Department issued its tenth warning, notifying the public of the storm “Koinu,” which had weakened into a depression. Today’s weather conditions still promise a 60-80% chance of rain in the northern and central regions, including Bangkok and its vicinity.

Among the affected areas were those alongside the railway line from Khao Talu Soi to Wat Dhamma Soi, the front of the old railway station on Sukhumvit Road, and the Sam Line intersection at Mum Aroi. The flooding rendered small cars and motorcycles unable to traverse these routes.

Special operations officials were dispatched to inspect the area and set up warning signals. Several vehicles that attempted to cross the flooded areas suffered damage and stalled in the water. However, it wasn’t long before the overflowing water in the lower-lying areas began to gradually decrease, restoring the situation to normal.

The downpour in Pattaya had severe consequences, leading to widespread flooding. As the situation unfolded, it was evident that the weather had a significant impact on the city’s day-to-day activities, reported Khaosod.

In related news, the disaster uprooted the lives of 11 families, comprising 40 individuals, who found refuge and solace at Wat Ban Tha Bo. Their homes have been submerged in over a metre of water, an agonising consequence of the Mun River overflowing its banks. This inundation has rendered their once-habitable spaces uninhabitable, leaving them with no choice but to seek higher ground. Read more of this story HERE

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