Pattaya: Female bar worker abducted, manhunt underway

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Pattaya, a city known for its vibrant nightlife, was rocked in the early hours of yesterday when a female bar worker was allegedly abducted from Soi Pattaya 3.

The bar worker’s friend, 36 year old Worasuda Satthaun, reported the incident to Pattaya police, stating that her colleague was forcefully taken by a group of men who whisked her away in a sedan car.

The incident unfolded in the Nong Prue subdistrict located in the Banglamung district of Chon Buri province. After snatching the female bar worker, the group of men and their vehicle disappeared into the night, leaving no trace of their whereabouts. Worasuda, fearing for her friend’s safety, wasted no time in alerting the authorities, hoping for a swift and thorough investigation.

Worasuda detailed the frightening moments leading up to her friend’s abduction. She was informed by other friends that their colleague had been ambushed by a group of four men as she strolled along the roadside. They forcefully ushered the female bar worker into a black sedan and sped off, leaving everyone in shock.

Worasuda also revealed that two days before the incident, an individual had been enquiring about the bar worker at their workplace. However, she could not recall the specifics of that interaction. Worasuda suspects that the abductor could be the bar worker’s ex-husband, reported Pattaya News.

In a bid to glean more information about the abductors, Pattaya police interviewed a security guard who was stationed in the vicinity of the incident. The guard, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, mentioned spotting a black sedan parked nearby. Curiosity piqued, he approached the vehicle to question the driver, who claimed to be waiting for his girlfriend.

Local authorities are now rigorously examining footage from CCTV cameras to locate the missing female bar worker. As of the time this article was written, no trace of her had been found.

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