Thai man appeals to robbers to stop as he has nothing left

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A Thai man today appealed to thieves to stop robbing him after declaring he has nothing left to steal.

Niphon Muangkram’s home in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen has been robbed 6 times in 3 months with 40,000 baht of valuables taken. One of the ironies of all this is that his home is only 1 kilometre away from a police station.

The 31 year old has filed a number of complaints to the police but there have been no developments since his first robbery in March.

Niphon was so fed up of being robbed he posted his traumatic story on a Facebook page called Drama-Addict, with the heading, “I have nothing to steal now. Please share my stories.”

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The victim made it known burglars broke into his house 6 times between March 17 to June 29.

“The burglars stole everything, even the power cords in the house. I can’t even live in my own house and now have to rent a room.”

Nitiphon added the robbing timelines on the Facebook page.

  • On March 17, the thief stole 1 laptop and 2 tablets.
  • On March 27, the thief didn’t come inside house but took gardening tools, so didn’t report to the police.
  • On June 28, the robber cut the power cables, taking the copper inside making the house lose all of its electricity.
  • On June 29, thief took the security cameras, Bluetooth speakers, and a gas tank.

Nitiphon said the security cameras revealed the identities of all the robbers.

Police informed him that they were searching for the suspects, but didn’t have any information to share with him.

Mueng Khon Kaen Police Station Deputy Commander, Pairoj Thaiputsa, yesterday announced that the robbery victim had filed 4 complaints at the Yoi Mueng Gao Police Station.

Pairoj insisted that officers were working according to the police processes don’t usually inform details of a case to the victim.

The Superintendent of Yoi Mueng Gao Police Station added the police had arrested 2 alleged suspects, Chatchawan Soisuwan and Waynich Sikhammuang, and said searches would continue for the other suspects.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Bangkokbiznews | Thairath

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