Dog brings owner gift of 2,000 meth pills in Udon Thani

A dog owner is reeling after his beloved pet brought him a “gift” of 2,000 meth pills, known as Yaba in Thai. The owner says the dog brought a mysterious package to a car garage in Udon Thani. He immediately notified police who then came to find the 2 year old, white dog named Sinil at the garage. Police say the drugs were in a black package wrapped with clear tape inside a white plastic bag.

While police were looking at the package, they say a man who was parked near the garage was acting suspiciously. They say he was around 30 years old and was on a black motorbike with no license plate. The man had a phone in his hand and went looking around the gate. Police took notice and “invited” him to the police station but later released him due to having no evidence against him.

It is clear that the owners of the bag knew it was lost as the 59 year old garage owner says he saw 2 men on motorbikes 2 days ago, searching the area with flashlights on their helmets. But Sinil, the dog, chased them away. At first the owner says he thought the men were looking for fish, but he found it strange that they were circling the area. The next morning is when Sinil arrived with a white bag in his mouth and dropped it in front of his owner.

Police say the investigation is still under way as no one has been arrested in connection to the drugs.

Meanwhile, a huge methamphetamine shipment found on a Thai cargo boat docked in Sydney, Australia, is believed to be linked to a Hong Kong drug smuggling network. The haul, worth around 2.4 billion baht, was seized by Australian police earlier this month. According to a Bangkok Post report, Thailand’s Narcotics Suppression Bureau believes the shipment is connected to Hong Kong drug “kingpin”, Lee Chung Chak.

316 kilograms of methamphetamine were found concealed in barbecue grills and water heaters when officers searched the ship’s cargo, following discrepancies in the consignment information. It’s understood the shipment was declared as food and electrical goods at Chon Buri’s Laem Chabang Seaport, in eastern Thailand.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

Northern Thailand News

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