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Police claim they ‘had to kill’ north-east murder suspect

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Police claim they ‘had to kill’ north-east murder suspect | The Thaiger
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PHOTO: Police bring suspects to re-enact the motorcycle and body disposal in the two provinces – The Nation

by Khamdee Phrommakong, Suriya Patathayo, Teerapol Khumsuk

Police claim they “had to kill” a wanted murder suspect, 29 year old Somsak “Au” Ledlod, in Yasothon’s Kham Khuan Kaeo district as he stole a pickup truck to flee and may have hurt the truck driver. Yasathon is north of Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand’s north-east, near the Laos border.

The comments from Yasothon police chief Maj General Pinyo Huankasin yesterday whilst speaking to the media.

Somsak, who police claim was a drug dealer and had served several prison sentences, was wanted for the murder of his girlfriend’s 34 year old ex-partner Chaiprasit Boonlert. He was fatally assaulted at Somsak’s house in Samut Prakran’s Bang Sao Thong district on February 2 and his body was then buried in woods in Chachoengsao’s Ban Pho district to conceal the crime.

Police traced Somsak’s movements from Ubon Ratchathani to Yasothon where the suspect had hijacked two trucks and one motorcycle during his escape and evasion of police.

He had allegedly reached the Pracha Ruamjai intersection at 7pm on Tuesday where he tried to hijack a third pickup.

“It was unlocked and waiting for a green light and police feared for the safety of the driver.”

The suspect sustained multiple gunshots – three in an arm, one in the chest, one in the stomach, one in the leg and two in back – because he also shot at officers, Pinyo said.

National police spokesman Colonel Krissana Pattanacharoen also said the armed suspect was killed because he resisted arrest.

Meanwhile, deputy police commissioner General Chalermkiat Srivorakan announced the arrest of the other five suspects, including Somsak’s girlfriend, 22 year old Plaethip Lokrak, whose chat messages allegedly lured the victim to the murder scene, and Somsak’s male friends and subordinates, all aged between 24 and 35.

They have been charged with conspiring in the assault and concealing the body to hide the cause of death. One more suspect, Jakkrit Noisawat, who was accused of helping to bury the body, was taken into custody from a prison where he was detained over a separate drug possession charge.

Somsak had Kitisak, Thanomsak and Wisarut dispose of the body and motorcycle in Soi Wat Bua Roy, Bang Sao Thong. But after police found the victim’s motorcycle, Somsak had Tinnakorn and Jakkrit move the body to bury in it in Chachoengsao.

Police said they later brought the suspects to re-enact the motorcycle and body disposal in the two provinces.

Police claim they ‘had to kill’ north-east murder suspect | News by The ThaigerPolice claim they ‘had to kill’ north-east murder suspect | News by The ThaigerPolice claim they ‘had to kill’ north-east murder suspect | News by The Thaiger

SOURCE: The Nation

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Cross-border drug trafficking is a “leading concern”

Caitlin Ashworth



Cross-border drug trafficking is a “leading concern” | The Thaiger
PHOTO: Caitlin Ashworth

Thousands of people have been arrested since October for drug trafficking in Northeast Thailand. Methamphetamine and cannabis cross the Laos and Cambodia borders into Thailand and make their way down to Bangkok other parts of Thailand. According to Bangkok Post, the issue has now become a leading concern for Justice Minister Somsak Thepsutin.

18,360 people were arrested from 17,685 cases between October 2019 and March 2020, the Post reports. Many of the cases were made in Ubon Ratchathani, a north eastern province near the Laos and Cambodia borders.

While methamphetamine and marijuana come over land borders, ecstasy is typically flown in from European countries, most from the Netherlands. From October 2019 to March 2020, the Airport Indiction Task Force, or AITF, seized a total of 105,382 ecstasy pills. 2019 was reportedly Thailand’s worst year when it came to the importation of illegal ecstasy.

It’s safe to say the border closures have probably lowered the amount of illegal drugs smuggled in. Thepsutin says drug smugglers at the Laos and Cambodia borders are trying different ways to get around the border closures. Some transfer money first and then pick up the drugs later, in a so far undisclosed manner.

Back in March, the government sent out three patrol boats t0 Laos and Myanmar to tackle the blossoming drug trade around the Golden Triangle. The region borders northern Thailand, the Shan state in northern Myanmar and parts of Laos. Methamphetamine and heroin are illegally shipped into Thailand on the Mekong River.

SOURCES: Bangkok Post | Bangkok Post | Bangkok Post

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Education Ministry urged to tackle sexual abuse of students

Jack Burton



Education Ministry urged to tackle sexual abuse of students | The Thaiger
PHOTO: Peach State Realty

92 organisations have demanded the Education Ministry ramp up proactive measures to stamp out sexual abuse of schoolchildren, following recent scandals in 3 provinces. Representatives yesterday handed a letter to the education minister, urging him to take action. They also submitted a list of some 10,000 people who signed a petition via supporting the call.

The manager of the Women’s Wellbeing and Gender Justice Program says schools should be safe havens for children, and called on the Education Ministry not to stand idly by letting children and their parents seek justice on their own.

She says the ministry, must step up and file lawsuits against offending teachers, offer legal help to victims’ families and provide victims with protection and counselling.

“If teachers or education personnel are found guilty of sex crimes, the ministry must dish out severe punishment by sacking them and revoking their teaching licences.”

She believes the ministry must also come up with aggressive measures to prevent such incidents in schools and set up independent mechanisms employing experts to handle complaints. According to her, school directors and teachers must have guidelines on protecting children’s rights and gender equality.

After formally receiving the letter, the minister said he has set up a centre to help victims and protect other schoolchildren from further abuse. He said the network’s proposals will be used when drawing up future preventive measures.

“Rest assured. The Education Ministry will not let wrongdoers remain in education circles and ruin the reputation of other teachers and schools.” he said.

Early this month, police charged 7 men – 5 teachers and 2 alumni of a school in Mukdahan province – with gang-raping a 14 year old student over course of a year. 3 of the teachers were also charged with the rape of a 16 year old student.

Also this month, a 39 year old teacher in Buri Ram was accused of molesting a 12 year old girl. Last month, a primary school director in Phetchabun was charged with abusing a student in a video that went viral.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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North East

Udon Thani temple blaze claims abbot’s life

Jack Burton



Udon Thani temple blaze claims abbot’s life | The Thaiger

A famous forest temple in Issan’s Udon Thani province caught fire yesterday, claiming the life of its abbot. The temple has long been associated with the late Maha Bua Yannasampanno, thought by many of his followers to be an Arahant (someone who has attained Enlightenment) and a master in the Thai Forest Tradition.

75 year old Phra Ajarn Sudjai Thanthamano had served as the abbot of Wat Kesornsilakul, popularly known as Wat Pa Ban Tad, since the death of the Maha Bua in 2011.

Police were notified of the blaze at 1:37pm. Firefighters arrived at the scene to find flames engulfing the abbot’s living quarters. Monks, novices and citizens were trying to put out the flames and rescue the abbot, who was trapped inside.

The fire brigade sprayed water to control the flames. When the blaze subsided, monks rushed to bring the injured abbot out. He was taken to a van and rushed to Udon Thani Hospital but died on the way. The van then took his body back to the temple.

Although it destroyed the abbot’s quarters, firefighters were able to control the blaze before it could spread to any other areas of the temple. Police cordoned off the area pending the collection of forensic evidence, as followers began arriving at the temple after hearing of the abbot’s passing.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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