YouTuber ‘Nutty’s Diary’ vows to surrender, refund 2 billion baht in fraud case

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Nutty’s Diary, the famous YouTuber accused of a fraudulent investment scheme amounting to over 2 billion baht, promised to surrender herself to the police and assured victims of their refund. The case, which has over 30 complainants, led to an arrest warrant being issued on September 10.

On YouTube, 29 year old Nutty claimed to be a successful Forex trader and encouraged her 800,000 YouTube followers to invest in Forex. Nattamon “Nutty” Khongchak is believed to have defrauded over 6,000 victims. The influencer fled Thailand after she was accused of scamming victims of over 2 billion baht in a Forex scheme.

Recently, on her private Instagram account about the refund process, Nutty’s Diary posted an update stating…

“09/09/2023… Thank you to many who have already withdrawn their complaints against Nut. Thank you very much indeed. Keep fighting… I intend to refund everyone… Fight a little more, Nut!!!”

The image posted contained a message explaining the situation, justifying Nutty’s actions, and promising a refund to all those affected.

“#Nutty’sMillionTradeFraud #CaseDepositedTradeFraud. The problem arises from Nut’s violation of the broker IQ Option policy (which didn’t exist before).

The rule, which was recently introduced, is ‘no accepting others’ money for trading’, leading to Nut’s account being blocked. It’s understood that we were wrong. However, the issue is that those who deposited for trading transferred money to Nut’s account. Of course, we have to take full responsibility.

Even though investing has risks, with trust and Nut’s assurance of taking the best care of the capital, Nut has to be accountable as promised. Currently, we are continuously refunding the 6,000+ depositors. Now there are 3,364 victims left.”

In the post, Nutty took responsibility for the actions and promised to refund each of the over 6,000 people who sent her money. She claimed to have already refunded nearly 3,000 people and also mentioned that she has evidence for every refund slip. She promised to turn herself into authorities after refunding people for their lost money.

“I will surely surrender to the police. Let me gather as many refund slips as possible first. I will definitely surrender, don’t worry.”

However, many victims commented on the Instagram post that they had not received their refund yet from Nutty’s Diary.

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