Yasothon police inspector detained over minor’s statutory rape

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The Yasothon Provincial Court remanded a 50 year old deputy traffic police inspector from the Pa Tio Police Station in custody for an initial 12 days amid allegations of statutory rape and physical assault of a minor. The officer tasked with investigating the case allegedly admitted to the charges, while the investigation team was still waiting for the results of fingerprint analysis and medical examinations.

The suspect’s request for temporary release was opposed by the investigating officer and the victim, fearing he might tamper with evidence or flee due to the severity of the crime.

The case came to light yesterday morning, January 30, when a Facebook page revealed that a 17 year old student was raped by a police officer after being unable to pay a 2,000 baht (US$56) traffic fine. Ekkaphop Luengprasert, an advisor to the Minister of the Interior and founder of the Facebook page, urged Deputy National Police Chief Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn to investigate the matter due to the damage it could cause to the police institution’s reputation.

Big Joke ordered Phirom Suanthong, the Provincial Police Region Chief of Yasothon, to form a committee to investigate the incident. The committee is to bring criminal charges against the accused officer, who holds the rank of deputy inspector at the Pa Tio Police Station, and ensure disciplinary proceedings are initiated. The girl has been sent for a medical examination and interviewed by a multi-disciplinary team, reported Sanook.

Phirum, along with other high-ranking officers, personally oversaw the investigation, which led to the questioning of the accused, known as Deputy Inspector Kampanat Pimphu. Yasothon Provincial Police Deputy Chief Sanit Chaisathit, as the police spokesperson, clarified the events, stating the incident occurred around 10am on January 29. The officer stopped the victim, who was riding a motorcycle without a helmet and a driver’s license, and subsequently committed the alleged crime.

Sanit confirmed that after questioning, the deputy inspector admitted to the rape. Later that evening, the victim, accompanied by her guardians, filed a complaint at the Pa Tio Police Station. The victim has undergone a medical examination, and a team of professionals has interviewed her. The charges against the deputy inspector include the abduction of a minor over 15 but under 18 years of age for indecent acts and rape through intimidation and physical assault.

In the online world, Twitter user @RedSkullxxx posted a picture of the accused’s Facebook profile, where he is dressed in his uniform and uses inspirational quotes, highlighting the stark contrast between his online persona and the heinous nature of the crimes he stands accused of.

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