Yala police officer critically wounded in midnight ambush

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A police officer was critically injured in a late-night ambush while on patrol in Banang Sata, Yala province.

The incident occurred around midnight close to a 7-Eleven store adjacent to Krung Thai Bank in Banang Sata sub-district. The officer, identified as Wacharaphong Chaiyaphan from the Banang Sata Police Station, was shot by an unidentified gunman and suffered a gunshot wound to the waist. He was quickly transported to Banang Sata Hospital for medical treatment.

Police Major Worawit Na Nakhon, an investigator from the Banang Sata Police Station, reported receiving notification of the attack and immediately coordinated a response team to examine the crime scene. Upon arrival, they discovered the injured officer, Wacharaphong Chaiyaphan, and initiated a preliminary investigation.

Before the shooting, Wacharaphong Chaiyaphan, who leads the local police patrol unit known as Sing Thong, was conducting a routine patrol to ensure public safety within the area under his jurisdiction. According to the sequence of events, one or more assailants, whose numbers and vehicle type remain unknown, opened fire on the police unit with unidentified firearms. Wacharaphong Chaiyaphan was hit in the waist by a bullet during the execution of his duty.

The motive and details of the attack are currently under intense investigation by the authorities. The search for the perpetrators is ongoing, as law enforcement officials gather evidence, review CCTV footage, and interview potential witnesses to establish the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

This violent act against a member of the police force has heightened concerns about the safety of law enforcement officers in the region, which has a history of insurgent activity. The authorities are committed to bringing those responsible to justice and are calling on the community for support and any information that may lead to the capture of the attackers, reported KhaoSod.

As the investigation unfolds, the police force is also reviewing its patrol and security measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future and to provide better protection for its officers and the public. The injured officer’s condition is being closely monitored, and updates on his recovery will be provided as they become available.

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