Woman dies after being struck at ATM by delivery truck in Buriram

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A tragic accident claimed the life of a 41 year old woman from Mueang District, Buriram, when she was struck by a delivery truck while transferring money at an ATM.

The incident occurred at 10pm on Wednesday, June 26, on Phutthamonthon Sai 5 Road, in front of Seree Market, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom. The delivery truck driver has been identified as 47 year old Krit.

The body of the deceased woman, Thitirat, was brought to her hometown, Ban Khok Phet, for funeral rites today. Thitirat’s 68 year old mother Samphao recounted that her daughter had been working with her husband in Nakhon Pathom for over a decade.

Thitirat called her mother two to three times a day and sent her between 1,000 to 2,000 baht every 15 days after payday. The most heartbreaking detail is that Thitirat died while trying to transfer money to her mother.

Samphao is calling on the police to coordinate with the driver’s company to take responsibility or for any organisation to step in and provide assistance. Thitirat was the main breadwinner for her family.

“I accept that it’s a difficult situation because the driver who caused the accident has passed away, but I hope that the company he worked for or any related agency will help us. My daughter was the pillar of our family.”

Police will investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, including the speed and condition of the delivery truck, to determine if there were any violations of traffic laws or safety standards, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a delivery truck driver lost his life after his vehicle skidded on a slippery road and crashed into a high-voltage pole.

The incident occurred at 11am on Wednesday, June 26 on the Chachoengsao-Phanat Nikhom road near the Don Sin Non intersection, Don Sai subdistrict, Ban Pho district, Chachoengsao province.

Police officer Teep Mailuekdee received the report and immediately headed to the scene with rescue teams from Ban Pho Hospital and Chachoengsao Rescue Unit.

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