Woman cries in cafe after seeing lady resembling her late mother

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A young woman burst into tears while visiting a café with her friends, as she found a woman at a nearby table who resembled her late mother. Eventually, she received a comforting hug from the woman who reminded her of her mother.

The recently reported online story shared a heartwarming video capturing the emotional moment when the young woman burst into tears at the coffee shop after unexpectedly discovering that a woman sitting at a nearby table bore a striking resemblance to her deceased mother.

The young woman was visiting the café with her friends when she suddenly noticed the older woman sitting at the opposite table, Sanook reported. Overwhelmed with emotion, she could not hold back her tears as the woman’s facial features and mannerisms strongly resembled her dearly departed mother. This moment brought back a flood of memories, leading the young woman to cry like a child.

In the shared video clip, the young woman approached the older woman’s table and showed her a photo of her late mother. Upon seeing the photograph, everyone at the table acknowledged the striking similarity between the two.

The older woman provided some words of encouragement, as the pain of losing a mother is one of life’s greatest heartaches that is difficult to erase. In addition, the young woman managed to snap a keepsake photo with the woman who resembled her mother.

As the video clip of the incident was shared on social media, several netizens agreed that they would also find it hard to hold back their tears if placed in a similar situation. Some expressed their empathy for the young woman, as the memory of a mother is always the most precious for everyone. At the same time, they hoped that she would find the strength to move forward in life.

“I feel sorry for you. I hope you can get through this.”

“I can relate. My mother passed away a long time ago as well, but sometimes when I walk down the street and happen to see someone who looks like her, I cry.”

“This is the kind of moment that makes you realise how much you miss your mother.”

“The older woman seems warm-hearted, hugging and comforting her.”

Overall, the touching story of the young woman and the older woman she met in the café stirred emotions and garnered empathy from many individuals who could relate to the pain of losing a loved one.

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