Veterans Association leader arrested in Buriram, potential fundraising scam suspected

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The head of a Veterans Association was detained by the Bang Kruai District Police amid a concert announcement in Buriram province. The police, acting on a warrant dated July 5, apprehended the Veterans Association head, 46 year old Jomkacha (surname reserved), during a news conference where the association was announcing a forthcoming concert by the band THE POLICE 191, set to take place on October 22.

The concert, as outlined in the event documents, was organised by the Veterans’ Association of Buriram as a fundraising effort. Funds were to be reused for the education of the members’ children as well as establish a relief fund for veterans who are unwell, unemployed, deprived of caregivers, or bereaved, reported KhaoSod.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Ruththaphon Naowarat, Buriram Provincial Police Chief said…

“The arrest did not fall under the jurisdiction of Buriram Provincial Police, hence we lack comprehensive information. But, I urge the public to be careful of certain foundations that solicit funds without proper authorisation, potentially causing disruption in the society, especially considering the current economic conditions.”

Pol. Lt. Col. Ruththaphon continued his warning against fraudulent groups.

“Various forms of scams are on the rise in recent times.”

He emphasised that charity is indeed a noble cause but the decision to donate money should be based on discernment and sound judgement. Suspicious activities should be immediately reported to the local police or administrative officials for prompt verification.

Reports revealed that the Veterans’ Association has planned similar concerts across all provinces in the northeastern region. It intends to make pre-concert announcements followed by in-person ticket sales at government departments. The tickets priced at 2,000 baht, 1,000 baht, and 500 baht each are expected to raise about 700,000 baht per event.

Six days ago, a man part of a scam network passing off as a tax official was today apprehended by cyber police forces at a renowned temple in Kamphaeng Phet province. The 46 year old suspect allegedly defrauded victims of over 2 million baht through a deceptive application. To read more click HERE

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