Venomous snake emerges from parcel at sorting office in Thailand

An extremely venomous snake escaped from a parcel at a sorting office in Kanchanaburi province, western Thailand, yesterday. One has to ask, what did the intended receiver do to deserve such a life-threatening package?

Post office staff said the one-metre long stripy snake slithered out from a pile of parcels at the sorting office in Tha Muang district. When staff checked the packages, they noticed that one of them was unsealed.

Staff called a snake rescue team from the Khun Rattanawut Foundation who swiftly came to capture the venomous Malayan krait (Bungaras candidus), which they put in a plastic bottle.

The Malayan krait, or blue krait, is a highly venomous snake. If it bites someone, they have a 60-70% chance of dying, unless they are urgently treated with antivenom.

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The postal company has contacted the sender of the package to ask whether they want their deadly snake back.

If you see a striped snake in Thailand, it’s best to stay really far away from it. It could be a harmless wolf snake, but it could also be one of many species of venomous kraits. Kraits are more triangular-shaped than wolf snakes, sort of like a Toblerone.

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