Uncontrolled firework display endangers tourists at Phu Thap Boek

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A distressing incident unfolded at Phu Thap Boek, a popular tourist attraction in Thailand, where tourists were endangered by stray fireworks. As the countdown to the new year progressed, a lack of control over the fireworks displays resulted in a chaotic spectacle, putting visitors’ safety at risk.

A social media post from an affected tourist shed light on the alarming situation. The tourist, visiting Phu Thap Boek with friends to celebrate the new year, described how the joyous event turned into a nightmare. They had set up a tent on a private lawn, anticipating a beautiful fireworks display, a tradition they had enjoyed several times before.

However, this year, the amount of fireworks seemed to exceed the norm. From the night of December 30. fireworks were ignited relentlessly, throughout the day and night. The situation worsened on the night of December 31.

While sitting around a hot pot meal, the tourist and their friends found themselves surrounded by the sounds of fireworks from all directions. Even the area where they had set up their tent was not spared. Despite reporting the situation to a property caretaker, no action was taken as it was deemed beyond control.

Suddenly, a firework was launched towards the group, exploding amidst them. They barely managed to escape unharmed but were left shaken by the incident. The group retreated to their tent, fearing a repeat of the dangerous incident.

Furthermore, a neighbouring tent was hit by a firework, causing damage and prompting a pet dog to flee in panic. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

The tourist shared their experience on social media as a cautionary tale, warning others of the potential dangers of unregulated firework displays. They expressed that Phu Thap Boek, while a beautiful spot for fireworks viewing, could turn deadly without proper supervision and control.

The incident has ignited a flurry of comments on social media, with many demanding immediate action from the authorities to ensure the safety of tourists. The distressing experience has highlighted the need for stricter regulations and better management of fireworks displays to prevent any future mishaps.

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