Two suspects killed in Pattani dawn shootout with Thai forces

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A dawn raid in the Saiburi district of Pattani Province turned into an intense shootout yesterday, resulting in the deaths of two suspects following a security operation by the Thai military and police forces. The incident began at 5am today, March 14, when more than 50 officers surrounded a rented home believed to be harbouring individuals wanted for national security offences.

The confrontation began when the police, led by Colonel Sathirapong Ardharn and Colonel Pakphum Jantarak, attempted to apprehend the suspects, thought to include Abdullah Mudor and Mad Saifu-Deen Lohmae, both wanted on multiple warrants. The operation was based on intelligence reports suggesting the presence of the wanted individuals in the area, prompting a careful approach by the military and police.

As the situation unfolded, the forces closed off the nearby Pattani-Narathiwat highway to protect civilians from potential harm. The standoff escalated when two suspects holed up in the property and refused to surrender despite negotiation attempts involving local leaders and religious figures.

At 7am, the situation intensified as the suspects fired upon officers, who were forced to seek cover and respond with caution. This led to a fierce exchange of gunfire. The security forces then deployed tear gas at 7.30am in an attempt to subdue the suspects, but the attempt was initially unsuccessful as the suspects were not located inside the house.

Police suspected the suspects had climbed to the space beneath the roof to evade capture. After a vigorous search, the gunfire resumed, with one suspect being shot dead after falling to the ground. A .38 calibre handgun was found beside the body. The standoff continued, with the remaining suspect still firing at the officers.

At 8am, a drone was deployed to monitor the suspects’ movements, revealing one attempting to escape while using concrete beams for cover. This prompted a renewed assault by the security forces, leading to another intense three-minute gun battle that resulted in the second suspect’s death.

The deceased were later identified as Hamdi, wanted on one warrant, and Rachit wanted on two warrants. However, police are conducting further verification to confirm that the deceased are indeed the individuals in question, reported KhaoSod.

The rental property’s landlord claimed no knowledge of the two suspects, indicating the pair had requested to rent another house.

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