Truck passenger throws firecrackers at other cars

Photo via เฮียแบงค์ กะ ไบล์เล่ย์ บำรุงสุนทร

Netizens demanded police arrest a male passenger of a truck who threw firecrackers at other cars on the road in the central province of Rayong.

Sanook reported that the video of a passenger on a white truck throwing a firecracker on the road was circulating on Thai social media last night at 10pm.

The video does not provide a clear picture of when the passenger on the truck threw firecrackers on the road and at other cars. However, the 49 year old man, Rangsan Saensook, who record the video insists the dangerous incident occurred.

Netizens were outraged by the actions of the passenger in the video comments section and demanded he is arrested.

Rangsan reported that he was driving on 36 Road near the Central Rayong shopping mall when he heard firecrackers go off two to three times.

Rangsan said the source of the noise was a white truck behind him. The truck passed his car so he decided to follow. He witnessed the truck’s passenger continue his irresponsible behaviour throwing firecrackers.

Rangsan said he alerted the police to the incident. He added police should track him down as soon as possible as he poses a danger to commuters and pedestrians.

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