Tragic early morning accident claims life in Sam Khok district

A tragic accident occurred today, at 5am, when a 32 year old man lost his life after his vehicle slammed into the rear of a parked piling truck. The incident happened on Kanchanaphisek No.9 Road, Sam Khok district, Pathum Thani province. The truck driver, 29 years old Weeraphon, claimed he had parked his Nissan 18-wheeler piling truck to buy an energy drink due to fatigue.

At the accident scene, an 18-wheeled Nissan truck, carrying piling poles, mother plate number 83-5660 and child plate number 83-5717, both registered in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, were found parked on the right lane. Behind it was a severely damaged four-wheeled Isuzu vehicle, plate number 3Tha4233, registered in Bangkok, with the dead driver, Atthaphon, inside.

Weeraphon, the truck driver, explained that he was transporting piling poles from Bang Pa-In to Buddha Monthon when he began to feel drowsy. He decided to park his truck at a petrol station to buy an energy drink.

However, due to the left side of the road being filled with parked cars, he parked his truck on the right side and went to buy the drink. He heard a loud noise and upon returning, found that a car had collided with the rear of his truck, leading to the driver’s death.

Officers from the Sam Khok Police Station, along with forensic doctors from the Ministry of Justice, arrived at the scene to investigate the incident. They interviewed the piling truck driver about the accident and recorded the scene as evidence. They also used equipment to extract the deceased driver from his vehicle and sent his body to the Forensic Science Institute of the Ministry of Justice to determine the cause of death. Relatives were then contacted to collect the body for religious rites.

The investigation is ongoing to determine the precise circumstances leading up to this tragic accident, reported KhaoSod.

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