Tragedy in Mekong River as older brother drowns saving sibling

Two siblings had a tragic encounter while playing in the Mekong River, leading to a heartbreaking outcome as the older brother tragically lost his life while trying to save his drowning younger brother.

His body was later discovered floating on Thailand’s Nong Khai side of the river, prompting authorities to coordinate with family in Laos to identify the victim.

At 9am today, Deputy Inspector of Investigation at Wiang Khuk Police Station, Surirat Pitakkulrak received a report of a body floating in the Mekong River near Wiang Khuk Subdistrict, Nong Khai Province.

Accompanied by Chalerm Lepol, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation at Mueng Nong Khai Police Station, and rescue teams, they rushed to the scene.

Upon arrival, officials retrieved the body of a young boy dressed in a green and red striped T-shirt and black shorts. The boy was identified as a nine year old Laotian.

Khamphan, the boy’s uncle in Laos, recounted the tragic incident. On the afternoon of May 27, the two brothers were playing by the river. The younger brother began to drown, and the older brother, in a bid to rescue him, also got into trouble.

Nearby adults intervened and managed to save the younger brother, but the older brother was swept away by the river currents. Despite frantic searches, his body could not be found.

During the search, the brother’s relatives in Thailand were contacted and urged to help keep an eye on the river. Eventually, the uncle received word from relatives that a body had been found, and upon inspection, he confirmed it to be his nephew.

With the body confirmed as the missing child, police instructed the family to prepare the necessary documentation to repatriate the body to Laos for traditional funeral rites, reported Khaosod.

This incident underscores the dangers of playing in natural bodies of water, especially for children. Authorities urge parents and guardians to closely supervise young ones and ensure they are aware of the risks associated with rivers and other water sources.

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