Toshiba Corporation gets booted from Tokyo Exchange but Toshiba Thailand stays

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After a staggering 74-year run, Toshiba Corporation on the Tokyo Stock Exchange faces delisting and a subsequent takeover.

However, Toshiba Thailand Ltd emerges unscathed, asserting its independence and vowing to power on.

“Unfazed by the storm in Japan, Toshiba Thailand is business as usual.”

Having severed ties with its Japanese parent years ago, the company stands resilient in the face of the market maelstrom.

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In the aftermath of Toshiba Corporation’s tumultuous tumble, Toshiba Thailand swiftly moved to assure its Thai clientele and business associates. With an unwavering commitment to being the go-to distributor of Toshiba-branded electrical appliances, the Thai subsidiary promises top-notch products and stellar after-sales services.

Not only is Toshiba Thailand weathering the storm, but it’s also gearing up to celebrate its 55th year in the Thai market with a bang. Marketing extravaganzas, irresistible sales promotions, and engaging social activities to come are aligned with their mission to positively impact Thai lives and foster societal sustainability, reported Pattaya Mail.

Meanwhile, Toshiba Corporation’s future hangs in the balance after its transformation into a private entity and a whopping US$14 billion (approximately 483 billion baht) takeover led by Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). With a history dating back to 1875, the Japanese giant’s fate now rests in the hands of its new owner, and CEO Taro Shimada’s strategic vision to navigate towards high-margin digital services.

In related news, in a move set to ignite Thailand‘s automotive industry, four major Japanese car giants are gearing up to pump a staggering 150 billion baht into manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) in the country. This collaboration underscores Thailand’s ascent as a powerhouse in the automotive world and spotlights the government’s triumphant push towards an electrifying future.

In other news, Thai telecom giant AIS is set to expand its 5G smart network across the vast expanse of the Gulf and Andaman Seas.

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